New Workouts for Nerds

Part of my personal self-improvement plan includes working out.  No matter your weight, keeping your body moving is good for your health.  I have a bunch of joint issues, so I know that I also need to stay moving to keep my joints and bones in better health to stave off even more issues as long as I can.

I get incredibly bored with working out, unless I am rowing and watching a documentary while I do so.  However, rowing is painful for my hands, and I can’t use my hands well for a week after I row.  So I have been in the market for some more interesting workouts to keep me busy.  I am much more willing to try to make it all the way through if the workout itself amuses me.

I recently found Nerd Fitness, and while some of the exercises are not possible for me at this time (among other things, I have a separated shoulder from um, a sledding accident, that keeps me from doing a lot of pull-ups, etc.) but I am about to try the workout below.

One thing I like about this site is that the workouts are based on playgrounds. I can’t afford a gym membership, but I can certainly go to the playground. Over the last few years I’ve seen an increase in the number of adults I see working out at the playground, so don’t feel like you are the only one! Since I can’t do pull-ups anyhow, I will figure out a replacement for that, and then I don’t need to figure out the bar situation.

I also found this set of graphics, showing short workouts for many different fandoms. Since there are so many, it would easy to switch it up on a regular basis so you don’t get sick of them.

If you get super bored of workouts, know there are people out there who are too, and who have tried to make it less boring for you.

As another plug (I’m not getting paid for anything, I promise), check around your community too. I am not in Minnesota, but one of our community members teaches yoga at a great place called YogaQuest.  They do all kinds of fun classes, including the Harry Potter based ones that she teaches. They do have some classes you can buy online and do at home which look pretty good too. Check them out! I’m still hoping I can find something similar near where I live. If you are in or near a larger city, you likely have something similar.

**Update** I did the Konami Code workout. My feelings are below:



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