Snack Dinners and Meal Plan

I mentioned previously that I plan snack dinners at least every other week, and sometimes our leftover nights turn into snack nights too – especially if we are low on leftovers. This is what happened earlier this week when I had extra mouths to feed at dinner and didn’t have enough leftovers to go around.

Snack dinner 1 Blog.jpg

As you can see, a lot of effort went into this dinner. I felt fancy and even put it on  a plate instead of just setting everything out and telling the kids to do it themselves. But some of them would only ever eat the cheese, and I want it to be a *little* more healthy than that. I had leftover spanakopita in the freezer from a party, so I threw a pile of those in my nearly-never-cleaned oven.  We don’t usually finish all the food at snack night, so anything leftover becomes lunches. I forgot how many spanakopita I had, so I may still be eating those…


I have to eat one of my favorite foods all week for lunch? Awful. Just terrible.

Anyhow, this only took me 5 minutes to prep, and some of the kids are old enough that I could have had them do it too.

For those of us who have to count our spoons carefully, having a dinner like this built into your meal plan can make the week much easier to deal with.  Is the one above a bit high in salt and fat? Yes, but still better (and much cheaper) than ordering a pizza or other fast food. I usually put down rules as to the amount of cheese and sausage if we have it, but fruit and veggies are fair game, and they can keep getting more from the fridge – which they usually do.

Other family snack night favorites are popcorn, apple slices or bananas with peanut butter, dried fruit, and nuts/ trail mix. Easy, healthy, and leaves everyone happy at the end of the night.


Meal Plan for next week

Sunday: Dinner with my parents – I will bring a side dish.

Monday: Veggie Jiggae (Korean dish).

Tuesday: Leftovers and garden beets from the freezer.

Wednesday: Homemade ramen.

Thursday: Chipotle chicken with cilantro rice.

Friday: Pork chops and freezer veggies – probably more beets. I found a few bags I froze this Fall that I forgot about.

Saturday: Leftovers for everyone else, I will be at work.